About Us

Our Consultants

With over thirteen years experience in the field of health and safety, Roger Willenberg is a qualified Health and Safety professional with a high level of experience in implementing health and safety and food safety policies, procedures and management systems meeting ISO 45001: 2018 Occupational health and safety management systems  requirements with guidance for use.


Roger has certificates in Occupational and Work Health and Safety, Food Safety Supervisor accreditation and a Diploma in Work Health and Safety. His strengths are being able to assist clients compile and develop health and safety management systems for specific projects starting from scratch.  Capable of working autonomously, being highly organized innovative, with excellent time management and interpersonal skills.

Our Trade Partners

RCW Safety has made several alliances with leading industry organisations and services providers:

  • Killester College
  • Raywood Catering
  • Graincorp
  • TYCO Transport
  • ESSENTIAL Warehousing
  • DDS International
  • Rosebud Golf and Country Club
  • Geelong Safety Group
  • Anchor Tank Pty Ltd
  • Games Workshop Oz Pty Ltd.

Our Assessment Process

1. Meeting

We have an initial meeting with you to discuss your immediate concerns or long term health and safety needs. We will provide a proposal within 7 days including a scope of works for your approval, once you approve the scope, we issue a signed contract, to cover both parties.

4. Planning

Once you receive our report we work together with you to establish a strategy in addressing the recommendations, we can design an action plan in managing these risks,  how to implement control measures and best practice in achieving compliance.

2. Gap Analysis

Once we receive your approval for the work, we will conduct a detailed Gap Analysis of your organisation’s health and safety, food safety, business operations – this will include discussions with your key staff to identify any potential gaps.

5. Continuous Improvement

We have the capabilities, knowledge and skills to support your organisation to achieve compliance in health and safety, food safety, as well as human resources. Where we are able to reduce your financial burden in health and safety, these savings can then be injected back into your business.

3. Recommendations

We use a Gap Analysis audit, inspection and report to compile a detailed document with our recommendations, determining all the risk factors from the highest to the lowest risks and hazards based on the consequence and the likelihood of these occurring.

6. Flexibility

We are a locally based business and can offer quick turnarounds on your health and safety matters, available 24/7 if needed. Our solutions are cost effective and can be tailored to suit your businesses financial situation.

Trusted WHS Consultant

Roger has been our consultant for over 11 years now, and over this time has been an important cog in the effective management of our club. Like most businesses, we are cognisant of the importance of managing H&S within our workplace, but are constantly dealing with a multitude of items at any one time, so focus on this area can become incongruous. Roger keeps us up to date with legislative changes and identifies areas of concern, allowing our management team to spend less time worrying about OHS, knowing we have a committed and experienced professional to guide us in keeping the property and procedures safe for our Staff, Members and Guests.

Cameron Mott General Manager | Cranbourne Golf Club